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Curated collection of some of the best online study resources for the SAT. The 100+ resources are structured into a free course aligned to the SAT curriculum.

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Course Description

This is an online, self-learning course for the SAT. It gives you a set of learning resources on individual topics in the SAT. We've also thrown in a pool of practice questions to help you practice. Questions are designed to represent the SAT question pattern as accurately as possible. 

You can use the diagnostic test in the course to assess your weaker areas. After the test, you should move to the topics that you need to work on. You can then use the practice questions to check and review your knowledge. Do check the solutions to see if you've understood the concepts behind the question.

Next step - take up one of the included CollegeBoard tests. This will help you identify if you need to review specific topics. After that, rinse and repeat!

Course Components

The SAT Online Prep course includes:

  • A selected set of 90+ video lessons covering the full SAT curriculum. Learn anything from linear equations to parallel sentence structures.

  • 1 simulated SATs.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your course. The clean, simple course interface gets out of your way to help you focus on learning.


SAT Study Planner – A tool to help you schedule your study time to target specific test dates better. This takes into account parameters like your test date, study time available etc, to create your personalized study schedule. It will also send you reminders as an extra push to get you going.

This course is for

Self-learners (Grades 9 and 10) who are just starting off with their SAT prep. This course gives an overview of the conceptual knowledge necessary for SAT problem solving. It is ideal for students who keep searching for resources on individual SAT topics.

Course Features

  • Video Lessons 80+ Concepts
  • Full Length Tests 1
  • Study Planner Included
  • Support Dedicated support

SAT Diagnostic Test

    SAT Diagnostic Test

    Heart of Algebra: Linear Equations

      Linear equations


      Word Problems

    Heart of Algebra: System of Linear Equations

      Systems of Equations

      Word Problems

      Intersecting Graphs

    Heart of Algebra: Inequalities


      1-D graphs of inequalities

      2-D graphs of inequalities

    Problem Solving & Data Analysis: Rates, Ratios, Proportions, Percentages



      ProportionsDirect Variation-Inverse Variation

      Units & Conversions

      Percentage, Percentage Change

    Problem Solving & Data Analysis: Scatterplots


      Lines of Best Fit

      Modelling Data

    Problem Solving & Data Analysis: Statistics & Probability

      Descriptive Statistics


      Two-way Tables

      Graphical Organizers

    Passport to Advanced Math: Exponents



      Rational Expressions/Equations

      Polynomial Operations

    Passport to Advanced Math: Functions


      Graphs of Functions

    Passport to Advanced Math: Quadratics

      Quadratic Equations

      Modelling Data


      Systems of Mixed Equations

    Additional Topics in Math: Imaginary Numbers

      Imaginary Numbers

    Additional Topics in Math: Geometry







      3-D Shapes

    Additional Topics in Math: Trignometry


    Information & Ideas: Command of Evidence

      Command of Evidence

    Information & Ideas: Reading Closely

      Determining Implicit Meanings

      Using Analogical Reasoning

      Determining Explicit Meanings

    Information & Ideas: Determining Central Ideas & Themes

      Determining Central Ideas & Themes

    Information & Ideas: Summarizing


    Information & Ideas: Understanding Relationships

      Understanding Relationships

    Information & Ideas: Vocab-in-Context


    Rhetoric: Analyzing Word Choice

      Analyzing Word Choice

    Rhetoric: Analyzing text structure

      Analyzing Over-all Text Structure

      Analyzing Part-Whole Text Structure

    Rhetoric: Analyzing Point of View

      Analyzing Point of View

    Rhetoric: Analyzing Purpose

      Analyzing Purpose

    Rhetoric: Analyzing Arguments

      Analyzing Claims & Counter Claims

      Assessing Reasoning

      Analyzing Evidence

    Expression of Ideas: Effective Language Use



      Style & Tone


    Expression of Ideas: Organization

      Logical Sequence




    Expression of Ideas: Development




      Quantitative Information

    Standard English Conventions: Conventions of Usage


      Possessive Determiners

      Pronoun-antecedent agreement

      Subject Verb Agreement

      Noun Agreement

      Frequently Confused Words

      Logical Comparision

      Conventional Expression (Idioms)

    Standard English Conventions: Sentence Formation

      Sentence Boundaries

      Subordination & Coordination

      Parallel Structure

      Modifier Placement

    Standard English Conventions: Conventions of Punctuation

      End-of-Sentence Punctuation

      Within-Sentence Punctuation

      Possessive Nouns & Pronouns

      Items in a Series

      Nonrestrictive & Parenthetical Elements

      Unnecessary Punctuation

    Standard English Conventions: Shifts in Construction

      Verb Tense

      Mood & Voice

      Pronoun Person & Number


How do I register and access the course?

You can register by clicking on the ENROLL NOW button above. This will take you to a registration page where you'll need to set up your course access details. You'll then receive an email from us with your access credentials to the course platform. That's it - just log on and start studying.

What are the system requirements to attend this course?

An internet enabled PC/ Mac with an HTML5 compatible browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended).

How do I attend classes?

There aren't any classes included in this course. If you'd prefer attending instructor-led classes, please check some of our other SAT courses.

How do I take the tests?

Log on to the site with your user ID and password, and select this course in the list of courses. After that, you'll get the option to attempt one of the tests on the dashboard.

When will I get my test results?

Immediately after you submit your answers on the test platform.

How are my essays graded in the tests?

Essays are not graded. Instead, you get model essays written by experts to compare with the ones you've written.

What is the Study Planner and how does it really work?

The Study Planner works backwards from your target test date to schedule your study time. It calculates a timetable for you to work on individual curriculum topics. We've also added the functionality to remind you of upcoming to-do items in the study plan.

  1. The course features are amazing.

  2. Learning new ways to solve math questions. Scored 200 more than my last SAT score in Test 3 today. Good boost!

  3. I really enjoyed this course.

  4. This course has some elements that I haven't seen before in an online math course that made it pretty enjoyable.

  5. This course has some elements that I haven't seen before in an online math course that made it pretty enjoyable. Very easy to follow.

  6. To the point and very clear.

  7. Great course with best features.

  8. Christine Dec 23, 2016

  9. Natalie Clare Dec 26, 2016

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