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9 Months After TRUMP, Is US Still A Preferred Destination For Indian Students?

Has Mr. Trump managed to scare off the Indian students aspiring to study in the US? There are no easy answers to this question. According to the data in Open Source Report by International Educational Exchange, the number of Indian students studying in the US touched an all- time high of 165,918 in 2015 – 16....

MIT Undergraduate Program Admissions

The undergrad admission process and history of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1861, is a vast 168-acre campus and one of the most sought after universities by students across the world.

The PSAT Tests Before The SAT

Get to know the exact reasons why you should appear for the PSAT tests before taking the SAT Exams. Simply put, the PSAT exam is all you need to prepare yourself better for SAT.

Choosing Between SAT and ACT

The two tests differ in their score ranges and the performances can only be compared in terms of the percentile scores. Since the colleges look for higher percentile scores, the test in which you score higher percentile may be the one you would prefer to take.