Be your own guru for SAT with these self-assessment Tips! 

Be your own guru for SAT with these self-assessment Tips! 

How will your SAT score distinguish you from nearly 2 million students appearing for SAT exam each year?

Here’s that X factor which can get you through the SAT exam like a cakewalk.

An Institution will help you study for the exam but it’s only you who can estimate your score by knowing your potential.

Let’s start by knowing the pattern of the SAT exam.

Content Time Allotted (Minutes) Number of Questions
Reading 65 52
Writing 35 44
Essay 50 1
Mathematics 80 58
Total 180 (230 with essay) 154 (155 with essay)

Now let’s understand what’s an average score, below average score and an excellent score in SAT…

The score in SAT exam ranges between 400 to 1600 in total. Where 200-800 is for Mathematics, and another  200-800 is your combined Reading and Writing scores.

An excellent score is anywhere above 1400 out of 1600. The highest ever SAT score was 1600

What’s a good SAT score?

It’s a number, one is expected to score as to qualify the exam. One good thing about the SAT score is that they are represented in a percentile form. That means, if you score 1080, your score is 50 percentile score in the test which makes you an average scorer. The percentile equivalents of SAT scores can be found by visiting the College Board’s official website or by going through the table below.

What’s a below average score?

Anything below 50 percentile is a below average score and makes you directly a below average student. Avoiding this is the first step to get an excellent score.  A bad score doesn’t only gives you a remark of being a below average student but also makes you lose the confidence to appear for the exam again!

If we tabulate the total score,

SAT score range Corresponding percentile
1550-1600 99+
1500-1550 99 to 99+
1450-1500 98 to 99
1400-1450 95 to 98
1350-1400 92 to 95
1300-1350 88 to 92
1250-1300 82 to 88
1200-1250 76 to 82
1150-1200 68 to 76
1100-1150 59 to 68
1050-1100 49 to 59
1000-1050 40 to 49
950-1000 31 to 40
900-950 22 to 31
850-900 15 to 22
800-850 9 to 15
750-800 5 to 9
700-750 2 to 5
650-700 1 to 2
600-650 1- to 1
550-600 1-
500-550 1-
450-500 1-
400-450 1-

This list gives you the scores for an average and above average scorer. If your score is below 400 you should definitely take up coachings for SAT exam. 

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You can always take up the free mock tests provided by FabMarks and assess yourself before you start preparing for the big exam! 

Take up a Mock Test NOW!

Another way that might help you get an excellent score in SAT is to take PSAT before you head on to attempting SAT!

Analyze your PSAT score?

Once you take up the mock test you will realize where you stand and accordingly you can plan your study accordingly to work harder and achieve a score that will definitely land you in one of these top 30 universities.

List of Top 30 colleges for SAT are here:-

College Name National Universities Ranking Average SAT Scores
Princeton University 1 1520
Harvard University 2 1540
University of Chicago 3 1540
Yale University 3 1540
Columbia University 5 1530
Stanford University 5 1520
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7 1520
Duke University 8 1540
University of Pennsylvania 8 1510
Johns Hopkins University 10 1510
Dartmouth College 11 1500
California Institute of Technology 12 1560
Northwestern University 12 1510
Brown University 14 1500
Cornell University 15 1480
Rice University 15 1510
University of Notre Dame 15 1490
Vanderbilt University 15 1530
Emory University 20 1430
Georgetown University 20 1460
University of California—Berkeley 20 1440
University of Southern California 23 1450
Carnegie Mellon University 24 1490
University of California—Los Angeles 24 1370
University of Virginia 24 1410
Tufts University 27 1490
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor 27 1450
Wake Forest University 27 1380
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill 30 1370

Once, you have done that 70 % of your preparation you are all ready for the SAT exam. 

The rest 30% is entirely on your performance during SAT exam.

What if you didn’t score well on the first attempt?

  • Firstly, don’t lose hope.
  • Secondly, this entire article was built for you, so go through it carefully.
  • Thirdly, you can do much better in the second attempt because you have an experience of what the test looks like and now you know what went wrong.

Follow these steps for a better approach in SAT exam preparation!

  1. Think about the reasons why you want an excellent score and list it down.
  2. Try and avoid low-quality materials and books for the preparation.
  3. Mostly the books available in the market store are trash and will only get your level down.
  4. Get good materials with an optimum difficulty level.
  5. It’s all about the quality of your preparation for the answers rather than spending hours for no good.
  6. Ensure you’re doing a quality work rather than wasting time.
  7. Understand what you missed and why.
  8. There might be various factors for the previous point like time, speed etc. but you have to analyze and work on it.
  9. You have to think HARD about why you specifically failed on this question.
  10. Spend time on your strengths rather than compensating for your weaknesses.
  11. Review your answers and scrutinize them well.
  12. Try to eliminate careless mistakes.
  13. You have to make a schedule and follow it strictly!
  14. Avoid all forms of distractions.
  15. Always start with a positive mindset.