College life is a blessing that comes only once in your life. For many, it is the last stretch of life where fun, learning and friends dominate your days. It is also the time when you are exposed to different sections of academics. You get to specialize in particular fields called ‘majors’. This means you are better equipped with the subject of your concentration. This also means that you will be good at jobs that fall in the line of your majors.

College ‘majors’ is the starting point for building a career path. It is the first step in the direction of a dream designation. Choosing it the right way will make a great difference. Information about various options in majors will help make the choice. Factors that should be considered are job prospects, pay scale, career growth and so on. has compiled data based on information from U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics’s projections for jobs through 2020. 15 college majors have emerged as the most preferred in terms of salary and career prospects. This particular slide show shows the starting and mid-career median pay along with pay growth and projected growth of jobs. A majority of the top jobs are from the sciences and engineering fields. This is not to say that majors in Humanities, Education or Political Sciences are not well paid. When compared in the sense of dollars earned per annum sciences top the list. As an aspiring college student you need to know where you want to see yourself when you turn 40 years old. This is a far better way of identifying the majors of your choice than only going by dollars. At the same time, the dollar difference cannot be completely nullified. So I decided to present to you the following majors. My best attempt is to help you understand what each majors will equip you with and demand from you. According to me, these factors will help you identify majors that suit your aptitude and attitude.


Humanities major typically concentrates on English, History, Sociology, Foreign Languages and so on. Students who major in humanities are generally perceived to be creative and critical thinkers. There are ample job opportunities for English majors like technical writers, copy writers, creative managers and so on. If you are choosing humanities, then picking a few necessary computer skills will take you a long way in your career. It will also open up a lot of opportunities that are not generally identified for humanities. Check out this link for details on the starting and median pays.

Computer Sciences

I guess Computer Sciences is eternally the most popular and the most in demand majors. Going by the way, we as a human civilization is developing the demand for computer sciences majors will always be there. Computer Science major have the qualities like problem solving, technology adaption and enabling. Good computers majors will expose you to the knowledge of how to apply what you have learnt about hardware and software. The pay scales of computer sciences majors can be seen here. You will be encouraged to know that some of the happening people are computer sciences majors and they are not restricted to only business in tech.


Communications majors will pave the way for high visibility jobs. A communications major is expected to have clear and crisp communication, both written and verbal. Presence of mind, ability to handle multi-channel communication and media, super quick ability to adapt. These are the basic expectations from a communications major. As we're shifting from books to e-books, the typical jobs for communication major are also changing. For example, PR to Digital Strategist, Senior Interactive Producer. Read up more details here.

Social Sciences

Political Sciences and Economics bring the most sought after jobs that generally open up for social sciences majors. This is not to say that the other specializations like geography are not well paid. It is just that the demand for political sciences and economics is higher. Critical thinking, clear communication, deep understanding of history & culture. These are the basic expectations from a social sciences major. Jobs that open for such majors range from lawyer to journalist, political advisor to politician. Get a fair understanding of the profiles and pay here.

Engineering Majors

Engineering majors gifted the world with some of the best brains. They have contributed to invent, sustain and recycle fundamental systems needed by a society to function. This is a choice of majors that has a huge and immediate impact on society. Civil engineering bears directly on the quality of the house you are living in and hence your safety too. Naturally all engineering jobs are well paid. Read up more on it here. It is important to do a critical mapping of your aptitude to the attributes of a college majors. A combination of majors that maps highly with your aptitude and attitude will be great. It will be a satisfying experience to study such a majors.



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