College majors are one of the important aspects of college life. Choice of majors is not something you decide on the very first day of college. That’s a relief! However, it is a good idea to have a fair knowledge of different kinds of majors, the jobs that one gets to do after majoring and the salaries tied with those jobs. I mean, if you don’t have any idea at all, then when the time comes to decide, it is not going to be easy.

I covered a fair bit of ground on the logic of choosing a college major in an earlier blog post titled Best College Majors for 2017 – Part I. In this blog post, we discussed in detail the factors that should help you decide in choosing a college major. We also covered the prospects of majoring in engineering, commerce, social sciences, communications and humanities. This blog post is part II and the final part of blog posts that will help you decide further on college majors. Let’s look into the following college majors and understand what the future can be.

Arts Majors

Arts Majors brings images of Raphael or Botticelli or Michelangelo. Their works of art have lived through times and stand as classics even today. As an arts majors you have great scope to leave back a legacy for the world. If that is not your ultimate purpose of life, then there are other things to do like taking up a jobs in the field of design, user experience, movie production, interior designing, fashion designing and so on. You can get a fair idea of various levels of jobs and salaries involved here. An arts majors will need tonnes of patience, loads of creativity and undying zeal to see your imagination take shape as a piece of art. If these characteristics resonate with you, then go for it. Most arts majors cover fields like studio art, graphic design, theatre, music, painting etc.

Business Majors

A business majors is definitely not going to get you a CEO job when you graduate. That is for sure. What it does is prepare you with a wide set of skills that are applicable to business. Better still, these skills can be applied across industries. Naturally this means your options of taking employment are pretty wide. Not just that, a business major also earns a lot more than other majors barring engineering. This also means that there are going to be a lot of people who would want similar benefits. One of the best things to do if your aim is business majors, is to get into a good college. According to a payscale study, one third of the college graduates in the US alone are from business majors. Read this to get a fair idea of the kind of entry level roles and eventual senior roles possible for a business majors.

Education Majors

A majors in education is not an option that many people look at with enthusiasm. But, it is an option that can lead you to a very satisfying career in the long run. Just read up this link to get an idea of the career options that can open up for you with an education majors. Apart from the money and designation, education majors can be your stepping stone to better the world. After all, it is childhood when people can be molded best. If this is a calling that pulls your heart, then education majors is a good choice. At the same time, it is important to note that not all teachers have an education majors. The qualities needed for jobs in the field of education are relentless patience and utter love for students. If these are your qualities, then just go for it.

Physical and Life Sciences Majors

Physical and life sciences majors offers you options in biology, chemistry, geology, clinical laboratory sciences e.t.c to choose from. These majors open up avenues in a set of interesting fields that are detailed in this list. If you are passionate about wildlife or the earth or the various ways chemicals interact with each other, then this majors is just for you. Success in this field heavily leans on your curiosity. An aptitude for research will help you get a good start. But not all jobs in life sciences majors will lock you in a lab for life. It is important to choose your life sciences majors based on your bent of mind for research combined with healthy subject knowledge.

Well, we have now come to the end of the list of majors that are mostly available. It is your turn to pull up your socks and get to college. Use your time to get an understanding of your favorite subjects before sophomore year starts.



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