An exceptional guest post by Dennis Anthony.

Pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer applications, I developed a passion for computer science and wanted to do Masters. On realizing that GRE is my first step for masters, I was on the internet researching everything on GRE. After a couple of hours, I figured that I could prepare on my own.

Now, there went the last days as a senior in revising the concepts I was familiar with till my twelth. After two months of pointless preparation, I was ready for the exam. You wouldn’t believe the relation between my confidence before I gave the test and my score after the test. With this score, I wouldn’t be able to do masters. There came a point when I realized I needed classes to crack GRE this time. I wouldn’t say that I had no faith that I could do better.

On research, I found fabmarks and it wasn’t the only option I had. When I spoke to their support team regarding my situation, I was told that I could much better with their GRE test prep and my instincts wanted to pick this coaching site. The classes started and everything was going pretty well. This time, I didn’t want to rush. I knew the concepts well enough the first time. All I needed was the techniques for accurate problem solving and a lot of practice. Fabmarks was the right choice for me.

I knew that I had to put in much more effort to crack GRE and fabmarks made it easier for me. After the 20 online classes and analysis provided by the teachers on the practice questions, I had the feeling that I was doing something right. After the classes, I dedicated an entire month to develop my vocabulary and practice papers. When the D-day arrived, I knew that I was in a better place than my first GRE, but I felt like I wasn’t ready. Three hundred and twenty six! Yep, that was my score and I started imagining my graduation scene.

Fabmarks did help me get a high score the second time. But, I put in the effort to make sure I got a better score. It gave me the confidence and push to do it and I did it, all by myself.

I want to share few things which are not going to work out during your GRE test preparation.
  • Relying just on concepts without practice
  • Preparing the day before the exam
  • Studying only for few weeks
  • Preparing without relaxing
  • Only revising the sections you’re bad at
  • Not revising the concepts after the practice questions