Any test prep can be done in two ways; self-training or class-room training. Latest addition to the ways of test prep is the online training. The choice of what will suit you depends mainly on where you stand today versus where you want to be. Other factors that will help you decide are time and money. So, there is no one rule that applies to test prep. It really boils down to your plans. Having the knowledge of various kinds of test prep will help you decide wisely. That is why this blogpost. We will look into some critical aspects of test prep classes.

Why a class?

This is an extremely basic question but one that needs to be answered. Self-training for your GRE is an option. There is enough study material available to do so too. It works for some as well. The question to ask here is, ‘Does a self-training GRE plan work for you?’ In my opinion and experience, any kind of self-training needs time, discipline and the right attitude. Many times students start a self-training schedule with much gusto. The tempo doesn’t stay high as other aspects of life start taking over. If you are one of those who can go after something with ninja like determination, only then self-training works. By the way, even ninja’s train with a teacher!

A classroom led training has its advantages. The main ones are:-
  • Structured approach – helps you know which way you are heading
  • Experience of the trainer – the trainer has seen more seasons of GRE than you
  • Dedicated resources – you don’t need to keep finding your study material
  • Practice test calendar – timed practice tests help you prep for the actual deal
  • Immediate feedback – most important in improving your score
  • Test tips – no way you will know all the tips by yourself
And so on and so forth…

Basically, class room and instructed led test prep for your GRE is a better way of gearing up for your GRE. This is my opinion that has solidified after observing students for years.

Online Class versus Regular Class

Taking the question of why a GRE class further, should you be opting for a regular class or an online class? Again, there are multiple opinions about this too. Both the systems have their benefits too. The deciding factors can be money involved and accessibility. If money is not a concern, then a regular class works well. What on earth can ever replace a good teacher? Nothing! But, a regular class generally costs a bomb. It is generally in the range of $500 - $5000. Is it really a viable option for you? Only you can decide.

An online class offers a lot of benefits that are very much like that of a classroom test prep. The bonus factors for online test prep really outdo any shortcomings it might have. Let’s understand these benefits in detail:-

Cost factor

Online GRE training is definitely cheaper compared to class room training. If you sign up with quality test prep centre like Fabmarks, then all the more! You get best of the training available for your GRE from experienced expert trainers at an extremely reasonable cost. Many times, the cost of the online training is closer to the lower end budget of class room training. If you consider the fact that the same quality of material and experience of trainer is available, then the cost is nothing. I mean, low end budget classroom training can really not cover the expense of hiring a great trainer.


Most online training packages come with facilities that will help you log in to the learning management system from anywhere at any time. Plus you can do all this at your pace. The only mandatory feature generally is to show up on scheduled classes. This is for your own good. In the eventuality of not being able to show up, you have the recorded version. A big plus factor in this context is the accessibility to the trainer. Many good quality coaching plans like that offered at Fabmarks give you access to your trainers via email or whatsapp.

GRE like environment

Your actual GRE test is going to be online. It only makes sense to do all that leads to it, online too. No!? Will you be able to adapt to a computer driven environment instantly? Much as I would fancy to hear a yes, it is not so. The human mind and eye will appreciate being trained for what is up. There is the uncertainty of the actual test anyway. Being prepped in a computer driven environment akin to GRE will train you much better for the actual test.

Feedback that helps

Online GRE classes come with online GRE practice tests. These tests are designed on the lines of the actual GRE. They are conditioned to offer test results right after the test. This helps you understand your areas of improvement a lot more efficiently. Club this with accessibility to trainers, you have a winning combination. All of this is possible in a class room training too but at a pace that is a lot slower.

These and many other factors lean heavily towards online GRE test prep. Do check out the fabulous offering at Fabmarks.



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