Important Dates for ACT Exam Registration 2018-2019

Important Dates for ACT Exam Registration 2018-2019

As a part of your ACT exam strategy, it is important to be aware of the ACT test schedule. This includes registration dates and important deadlines. Knowing these dates can benefit you in many ways as an ACT aspirant.

We will take you through the ACT test dates and their registration deadlines. Late and standby registration dates are also included. We will also throw some light on the standby registrations in detail. Fees and extra charges associated with each registration category are also explained. Finally, we explain how this information can help you in building a solid strategy for your ACT preparation.

ACT Exam Booking Dates 2018-2019

Looking at the ACT exam booking schedule below, you will find that the registration dates are usually five weeks ahead of the corresponding test date. Except for February and July registration deadlines which fall four weeks before the corresponding test date.

Registration opens for all ACT test dates for that testing year every July. Starting July each year, students can register for any test date from September 2018 to July 2019 for the testing year 2018-2019.

The below table shows upcoming National (USA & Canada) and International ACT exam booking deadlines and test dates for 2018 and 2019:

ACT Registration Dates


ACT Registration


Important ACT Registration Deadlines and Fees

So far we have gathered the information about ACT registration dates and the deadlines for registration. Next, we will see the fees associated with the ACT Exam registration. As you can figure from the data above that there is a late fee associated with registrations after the normal deadline. This section will explain to you in detail the fee associated with ACT registration for both normal and late registrations.

The Standard Fee for ACT(no writing) Exam for US and Canadian Citizens is US$ 46.00.  This fee is applicable for registrations on or before the normal deadline. For example: If a student in the USA or Canada registers for the 8th September exam on or before 10th August, he/she would be required to pay US$46.00. The fees also include a score report for a student for up to four colleges.

ACT With Writing fee is US$ 62.50. The additional fee of US$16.50 is refundable if the student is absent on the writing test day or chooses to switch to ACT without writing before the test.

Note: You will not be required to pay any of the above fees if you qualify for the ACT Fee Waiver.

ACT Registration fee for International Students (residing outside US, Canada, and US Territories) is an additional US$ 57.50 on top the fee mentioned above. This makes the total fee for International test takers US$ 120.00.

Once the normal registration dates have passed, students across US and Canada book their preferred dates by registering within the Late Registration window (Column 3). These dates can be booked by paying a late fee of US$ 29.50 on top of the normal fee.

These costs are applicable if you register on the registration deadlines for normal and late registrations. But what happens if the deadlines have passed or there is a change in circumstances? Don’t worry, you can still register for your  ACT Exam. Let’s find out how?

Additional Registration Services and Fee:

If you have been unable to secure an exam slot in both normal and late registration; you can apply for Standby Testing to book your ACT exam. At times, however, students might face certain situations due to which a change in the exam schedule or location may be required. The ACT offers various rescheduling services at additional costs. Let’s have a look:

Standby Testing: If you have missed both normal registration and late registration deadlines for your preferred ACT test date; you can still go for the exam on standby dates. The deadline for the Standby registration is usually from the next day after late registration until about one weekdays before the standby test date.

For example, if the normal test dates are:

ACT Registration Date


The Standby Request Period for this test date would be from 27th August-31st August’18.

Test takers can register for standby testing by paying an additional US$ 53. Registering for Standby testing does not guarantee a test slot since the registrations are on a limited basis. Thus, if your requested standby testing date is not available, the full amount of US$ 53 will be refunded, the request cannot be transferred to the next date.

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Phone Re-registration: If you have already registered for the ACT exam before, you can make your next registration via phone. This is an additional US$15. The deadlines are the same as normal registration deadlines.

Test Date Change: If you are unable to take the test on the scheduled date due to being absent or if the registration has been canceled by the ACT. You can register for a new date by paying an additional US$26 on top of the normal registration fee. The deadlines are the same as normal registration. The fee for the previous registration will be refunded.

Test Centre Change: If you wish to change the exam center for the same test date; this can be done by paying US$26 as a test center change fee.

The table below is a quick summary of the Registration deadlines and the fees associated with each registration event.

Registration Deadlines


Things to Remember Before Booking your ACT Exam

Once you are aware of the test dates, deadline and additional charges related to booking your ACT exam, booking the exam becomes easier. Students must take note of a few things before booking the exam.

Choosing the test dates early is always a good decision. You need not be remembering each test deadline to decide. All you need to remember is that the deadlines for each date fall four to five weeks before the test date. That way, you can avoid paying the extra cost for late and standby registrations.

From the preparation point of view, the time between booking the exam date to taking the test is very crucial. Experts advise at least 8-9 weeks of preparation time before taking the ACT exam. The later you book the exam, the less is the time available to prepare. Students must, therefore, ideally book their preferred test date at least one month prior to the normal registration deadline.

This would not only broaden your preparation window but also help you to avoid last moment plans and spend extra money.

The ultimate goal is to choose wisely and save both your time and money!

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