SAT Math Prep Webinar-Tips & Strategies

SAT Math Prep Webinar-Tips & Strategies


Fabmarks conducted a webinar on 15th Oct to help students preparing for the SAT. In this video, you will learn proven strategies and problem-solving skills to rock your SAT Math. You can download the webinar presentation at the link given below. Download Webinar Presentation Transcription of above Webinar video on SATMath. Hi everybody, I welcome for the SAT Demo. Hope you all are doing well. so let's start I am Indu Monica I was a Certified SAT Trainer, I am a full-time teacher. I love working with students. Now let's move on and go to the actual part. Now, today we’ll be doing these things by the end of the session you'll be able to cover this and

  • Introduction to the New SAT math.
  • 6 Secrets to roc you SAT exam will be given.
  • Tricks & Tricky math problem like lengthy problems, the difficult question will be given.
  • Every needs the good score, so tips will be given so that you can get a score which is greater than 700(i.e 700+)

And will be able to answer your question and some queries which are there from your side. And queries will be handled at the end of the sessions. Now moving on Lets directly move into SAT math structure, before going to that. SAT stands for, this is the basic thing you need to know, What SAT stands for? SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and  SAT consist of two parts (i.e Math & Verbal). Now in this session throughout will be going to the map path of SAT. In SAT math path, you will be having a calculator portion and noncalculator portion either. That is Usage of the calculator is allowed in one portion of SAT and Usage of the calculator is not allowed in another portion of SAT. be having a calculator portion and  now moving on this is first the calculated portion. Calculated portion of  SAT is this. It should be of 55 minutes and you will be having 38 question in the calculator portion. Here we will have to use the calculator on any part of the section. Now 17 questions will be problem-solving and Data Analysis questions and 11 questions will be from your most interesting part (i.e) from Heart of Algebra. Next line 7 question will be from Passport to Advance Math that is the only from the advanced math concepts and three questions will be found additional topics in like trigonometry and so on. Now let's move on to Non Calculator portion. Non Calculator portion has less number of questions. 25 minutes would be allotted 20 questions and in this again you'll be having these things passport to advance  math you will be having nine questions eight questions from Heart of Algebra and three questions from additional topics in math her he here it’s the same thing might be probability my trigonometry or a little matrix. Now moving on, First thing you need to know whenever you are starting with something is When to start? what is an Ideal time to start preparing for the test, so you can started it within 2 years in advance one year in advance to the test twobut you need to have three months time for sharp you have to start for preparing for SAT. As you all know SAT  is redesign and you need ample time to start for it. Not more than 3 month , 3 months would be sufficient, if you really- really concentrate on the thing  you're doing.  this would be both for the course and also for the preparation time. Now moving on how to start? Whenever you are starting for preparation of any course, 1st thing you need to know jackets or preparation of any board does not know is what are included in the test and what are the things that are there and what are think that you  need to concentrate on? That is what you need to know how to stack and covered with those topics first that you need regular practices on. Like let's see that i have two students (A and B) and student A is a good in Algebra and he is very poor in Arithmetic. Then it is something like he needs regular practice in arithmetic and he needs to concentrate on Algebra too but a little.  So that is what the topic on it which he needs practice on. Now let me go to the topic now let me go to the second student and student B is a student that he needs lots of practice on Algebra and he needs less practice in Arithmetic he is very good in arithmetic and he needs less practice in Algebra practices in algebra he needs to concentrate on Arithmetic either and little in Algebra. So based on your comfort level your  personal level of difficulty you need to decide those topics unfortunately and  regular practice on. So decide with those topics and cover those topics first and finish of algebra if you are weak at it. Finish off trigonometry if you are weak at  it. Finish off Arithmetic if you are weak at it. Finish off Ratio’s  if you are weak at it. That is try to cover the topics that you are weak at first. Apology right, you can also prepare on the other, but little later.  Now moving on, Ok you decided you have three months of time in your hand and you want to decide the topics that you need  to work on first and now the next important thing is how to prepare effectively. Anyone can  prepare for a test but effective preparation is the most important thing. As I have told  that, when you have  deciding points to start with push on identifying your weak areas. There might be some  area, on which you need lots of concentration, where you are weak at it or little slow over it. So, focus more on your weak areas. It's not something like I am weak at it. So I will leave it, I’ll escape from this or so. Every question of SAT is important, every mark is important. so focus more on your weak areas. Start preparing on your weak areas first and then you can  move on to the areas your strength. Now next important thing is you will start preparing you'll have some things, you have prepared  and you  have taken some test even, practice test on individual topics and practice on complete SAT.  So here SAT test  let us see you have completed in one hour and you got some score 650 and your next thing that you need to concentrate on is wrong answers. Surely you are not getting all right, if you got the score of 650 only. So the next thing that you need to concentrate is wrong answers. “What are the answers that went wrong?” “Why did they go wrong?” Now, there are 3 ways in which you are going to answer. First way is that you know completely about that  question and  then you are answering it by solving it completely, that way if you are getting it wrong then it might be calculation mistake or else an overlook that you  have done. That is the first case that can happen and you can look at it and solve it in the right way and correct your mistake or so. Now there is the second way to answer the question, you will know about the concept, but you are not so clear. so that is the reason that you went wrong and mistake is not a calculation but the mistake is in the concept,  you know the concept you know the concept in a wrong way. So in that case what you do is you need to go back to that concept, revise it and then come back to solve this question once again. This is the second thing. And there is third one too. That you don't know anything about that question and what you have done is, you just marked something out of your own well and wish. That is the third thing that has happened so whenever the third thing is happening you don’t know anything doing anything about that so that is that even you might draw then that is the case that you need to look into it and you need to go through that  topic once again and take the help of your teacher, expert or whatever. Then analyze your answer, Why it is wrong? Learn about the concert then workout with the answer you will get it right. Now, so this is what is the way that go through your wrong answers, it might be a practice test or it might be your real answer full length SAT test that you take, Still any way you need to go through your wrong answers and that is very important. Your practice can go little low but analyzing wrong answers is very important for your score improvement. Its not only for your score improvement, but it’s for you're confidence even, it boost up your confidence. Moving on motivation. Let us see you are aiming for 700+ and in some test you got only 500, then you should not get de-motivated that okay this is what I'm getting and this will be my final score and all. It might not be. It is only the score in that particular test. So you should never lose your heart you should be getting motivated that you're getting your score and it was increasing in the right way. Now let us say that in one test it did not increased and it has decreased. Then still there is a possibility of you to get agreater score in the next test. So concentrate and work towards getting a great score. Never lose your heart, never lose your confidence. Motivate yourself there might be somebody to motivate you are there might not be any but still you need to motivate yourself and you should not loose you hope. get motivated to get a greater score. A person who is getting 500 in the beginning there is a possibility of him to reach 750+ on him. Possible thing! So never lose your hope so work your best and in for the best course. Now moving on, divide and conquer. You know that's really very good. Every question in SAT carries equal mark and equal importance there is nothing like some questions are more important, some questions that less important and there is no guarantee that all questions are equally simple there might be some questions in the test which are really, really simple and you can ace them in less than one minute of time. Those are the questions that you need to concentrate first.Concentrate and tackle easy questions so that you can be left with more time, more patients for tough questions. Every question is equally important. Don’t stand down on the question telling that ok I like this question so I work with it more. Also every question has equal importance in SAT. so treat questions in equal way.  if you find some simple questions, Answer them first. because they and the hard questions carry equal marks. now the next thing is what about the hard questions you'll find some questions to be hard. Shall I investment in 2-3 minutes of time in a hard question again you know. Now invest more time in a question if you're finding it difficult, then leave. Comeback to it later and whenever you look question with a fresh eye then there's a possibility of you getting it right. So always divide divide the questions into 3 parts. One is easy, the other is medium and another is hard. Go to the easy questions, tackle them, first then come back, deal with medium questions then come back , deal with hard questions. Not if you are wasting more time in travelling, From the beginning to end and again from the end to beginning and all. it's only about your personal order of difficulty. it can come easy- medium- hard or in any way that feels like but never ever invest more time on a single question. Is that clear, let's go to the questions once again and first we will look at the types of questions that are given in the test. Now, one good thing is you are given with multiple choice questions,  that is you have answer choices questions for each question that you're given.  You are given four answer choices and you need to mark the right answer among those four. That is the first type of question and second of questions that you have is Gridin questions. Second type of questions is Griden questions. That is you will be given with some Gridin and you need tofill in that gridin with the answer. Answer might be anything and be anything but it will fit in the gridin for sure. These are two types of questions that you have and one very good thing that you have in your SAT is there is no negative marking in SAT.  There is no negative marking, marks will be awarded have a good for you to those questions which you go right. If you go wrong with the question then that's fine you're not penalized for any wrong answer and there is one more thing you. You leave a question unanswered and you mark something on other question and you went wrong , both the question carry equal importance. That is if you mark the question wrong or you leave an question unanswered both are give the same penalty(No Marks). No negative marking for the wrongly answered question. So keep that in mind. Now you are fine to answer any question. Now moving on, let’s look at some questions, so that we can answer them. I want the first question to begin, “The giant springs in amusement park are run only when completely full to maintain a fairly even distribution of weight. The number of times the swings have been run, along with the cumulative rider count, is recorded in the table above. Based on the information how many people will have ridden the giant swing when they have been run 8 times? Now you are given with the table and you need to answer the question looking at the table taking into consideration. Now table has 2 column ie. Number of Runs and Total number of people who have ridden the swings. Now see here they go according to our let's try to underline some parts of the question so that we can concentrate on them first. Here is the lengthy questions of fine lines and first thing one of you see any lenghty questions is really tired those questions so it's good to underline some parts of the questions when you're getting into the first time so that here time can be saved and you can come back to this question in a little less time. Now first part of the question, first part of the sentence is not needed for you. it runs only when there is a fadely even distribution of weight and all. Number of times the spring has been run along with a cumulated rider count is given below.  Cumulate rider count is something like you are trying to add the number of people together. How many people will have ridden the giant swings, when it has been run 8 times. So you want the number of runs to be 8 times and the number of people, who have ridden the swings are given here as 28, 42 and 70. Now whenever the number of runs is 2, then total number of people is 28. Number of runs is 3 total number of people is 42. See the difference in number of run is 1, so the difference in total number of people is will be 42-28=14. Now let’s go second part, so the number of runs to be 3 and number of runs to be 5. So the difference in number of runs is 2. So total number of people who have ridden the swings are 42 and 70. So the difference in number of people will be very good 28.  So now you see one thing, whenever the number of run is 1, the total number of people is 14 and when number of runs increase to 2, then people have increase by 28. Now you have the number of runs to be 8.  So difference in number of runs is 8. So what can you expect about the number of people. Yeah, It will be 14*3, which will be 42. So whatever the difference is going to be 42 your number of people with five rounds is 70 and it has been increased by 42, so the things will go something like (70+ 42) will be the total number of people who have ridden,  so that will  be a 112 and the choice B. Now I hope the things are clear, so that the important part that I can learn from this question is that the question might be little lengthy, but your need to extract that pieces of information that you need. You need and that would be useful in the question. Very important because you’re reading the question completely many times might waste your time, which is not good. Read only that part of questions that you useful for you and when you are reading the question for  the first time make sure that you are underlining the important things that you feel like or within the question because any way it’s a paper,  pencil test so there's a possibility for you to underline the things. So use it underline the important things, so that you get to come back for them and look at it if needed, without reading the entire question. Is that clear? Moving on, let's go to the next question, reading that we are given with two equations and if the graph lines in the system of equations above intersect at (4, -1) , what is the value of (B/A) and even given with some answer choices. Now, I have two equations here (Ax-2y=18) & (Bx+6y=26). Now , whenever they do intersect at (4, -1). what can you get about this point and line. Is this a point and line. This will be a point on line. Now whenever this point is on both the lines, then this point should satisfy the line equation of for both the lines. Now let's look at the first equation (Ax-2y=18) so whenever that equation is taken (Ax-2y=18). Let's plug in the point (4, -1) in the given equation. = >[4*A- (2*(-1))]=  18 = >4A= 18-2, = >4A= 16, = >A= 16/4, = >A= 4. So now, let’s go with the second equation. You have the other equation i.e: Bx+6y=26. Again plug in the point (4, -1). So that will be B(4)+6(-1)= 26 =>4B-6=26 =>4B= 26+6 =>4B= 32 =>B=32/4 =>B=8. Let’s go with the same thing. B/A= 8/4= which is 2 So your answer is 2 Let’s move on to the next question. Ok, you can see the question here and you  can see that it is some seven eight lines question. What is the first thing that you think whenever you see this question?  it's very obvious that you skipped this question and you will move on. it's good, if you are facing lots of difficulties in a question is something like it is different then shall you can just skip it and move on. Once you come back to question I have skipped. Yeah you can, based on your time that is left you can surely come back come back to the question and work with it, based on the time that they are left it. Now let's take a little patience and read this question a hospital holds an annual charity drive in which volunteers sell first aid kits to raise money for the pediatric ward. The hospital ordered too many kits last year, so it already has some to start this year’s drive with. The project manager estimates, based on last year's sales that the hospital needs to order an additional 50 boxes of kits. Till this part of the question what you understand is that there is a hospital, there is annual charity drive. It orders too many kits and it has some kits to start with and there is the function, total number of boxes to left with 12b+42, where b So you can say that this 12 is number of kits per box and 32 is the number of kits that left last year. The function k(b)= 12b+32, where b is the number of boxes ordered, represents the number of kits the hospital will have after the order arrives. So you can say that this 12 is number of kits per box and 32 is the number of kits that left last year.  Lets continue reading that question. When the project manager places the order, she is told that the company has changed the number of kits per box to 8. How many more boxes will she need to order to end up with the same number of kits that she had originally planned for? Now you have your function k(b)= 12b+32 and you need to order 50 boxes, 50 additional boxes of kits. So now if you order 50 additional boxes of kits, let’s see what is the number of kits that you have totally? K(b)= 12b+ 32 Whenever you K(b)= 12b+ 32, you have your number of boxes to be 50 already. Let me take the same thing, K(b)= 12*(50)+ 32 If it is given in calculator section then very fortunate, if it is not given in the calculated section, then you can do it very directly here, so the question directly, because the calculation are simple here. K(b)= 600+32 K(b)= 632 In the sense if you order 50 additional boxes, you would be getting 632 kits, if it was 12 kits per box but now here you are little confused on this question. It is not 12 kits per box, it is only 8 kits per box now. Now if it is 8 kits for sure then number of boxes will change so you actually want. 632 kits= 8 (kits per box)* and (“b”you don’t know the number of box) + 32 632= 8*b+32 So now just try to solve this linear equation and variable b 8b=  632-32 8b= 600 b= 600/8 b= 75 So you got your numbers boxes to be 75 so can mark here 75 to be your answer. Now very important thing on SAT is this how many more let's read the question completely once again, Anyway it has changed from 12- 8. That is the same how many more boxes will she need in order to end up with the same number of kits that she has a real originally planned for. Important things so it is given that she needs some more boxes. it is not how many boxes will she need completely just given that how many more boxes will she need? so she initially needs  doing 50 boxes so that would be something like 75-50 is back to number of  boxes that is needed but just 25. So  75 is a trap answer actually. Eliminate it and 25 is your answer because important thing is how many more boxes will she need? Questions are not so difficult on any test. Especially SAT questions are not so difficult important thing is you need to look at the questions in the right way. Questions with be little simple, but if you don’t  look at them properly. You will fall into traps and end up and doing the wrong answers. Ok, now let's look at the case where this question is not a multiple choice question it's a gridin actually then you'll be given with gridin and you need to fill in the gridin with the same thing that you got. That is you'll be having some answer choices.  On multiple choices questions, but on gridance you just have four boxes amd reach box that is a possibility of you to choose a decimal point. Are this divided by(/) symbol or 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. Everything is the same thing you'll have an option. So your answer was 25 so you can start either from left or from right where-ever you feel like.  If you're starting from the left you need to give a 25 here. Or else, if you're starting from right then, it should be given a 25. But let's say that you want to give a 0025 in order to fill in all the blanks.  Even that's from left 0025. Now , we have looked into some sample questions for you to tackle up the text. Now let's go with some strategies how can you score us a 700+ in math. Now for getting anything you need to, work hard that's for sure. So whenever you need score improvement you need to have some effort. You need to place some effort to have a maximum score improvement. So that is for sure. So if you please only your effort then score improvement would be something like this. Increase your effort, so much then you can reach found score, that may not be the maximum but effort will increase your score a little and now let us say that you also have your effort and you're motivated in order to get a greater score. You get some score then we get some motivation. Ok I got some school and I need to work this much to get this score getting motivated willing increase your score more to some extent. Now motivation and technology, you're also using the thing properly. Like for an example you're allowed to use a calculator on the section and you're not enough to use calculator in one section. Now, you are allowed to use calculator questions in that particular section. Yeah, it doesn't mean that it only means, that if you need then you can use calculator on that question section. Yeah it doesn’t mean that. It only means that if you need then you can use calculator on that particular question that you have. You can, but it is not compulsory that you need to use calculator in all the questions. You can use on some questions, if you think like using them. That is the use of technology. Using it properly is also needed. Two times towards, there's no need for you to use it in the calculator and then so usage your technology that I in the right place and the right amount is very needed. So, that is, what is the use of technology.  Now strategies very important thing to Ace any test the important thing that you have is strategies but a low score and high scorer only differ by the strategies that they follow. some people do with every question and then move on to the next they might be left with some 5 questions at the end and there just mark something because there is no negative marking on SAT and there is one more person who does easy questions first and finally is left with only two questions and he mark something on that question because that had little and it take time and doesn’t have that time in his hand and there is one more student who is like very particular about questions. He just gives equal importance to every questions but still he doesn't give equal amount of time so what happens is at the end, he will be left with some questions but still he left a time because he has managed his time so well. This much of time for simple questions and this much,  more difficult questions and this much more for very hard questions. That is, what is the strategy that you follow. so based on your level of performance you decided the strategies that suits you it is not that one thing is good are this is the only good thing or something like that it is only something like you're just following some strategy to ace the score that you dream off. So if you're aiming for maximum score and obviously you wanted  to little effort, so if you are get a maximum score with minimum effort then the good thing is have motivation have enough motivation so that we can get it. Use technology properly and use the best strategies so that you can really fabulous in the test. Now there is one more thing to which I want you to be  introduced that is extended thinking questions. Extended things is the new thing that is introduced on SAT. Extending the extent thinking questions are those which are interrelated. You'll be given to questions based on the same information, same piece of information. You're already aware of reading on comprehensions for vowel section so extended thinking questions are very much related to these reading comprehension questions. That is you do have some text, some blurb of text that is given and you will be asked some two questions on the same text that is given. That is what extended thinking questions is. So, you need to answer two questions based on the same pieces of information and these two questions can be interrelated or they cannot be interrelated.  Maam! which questions are simple is they interrelated or if they are not. You can’t tell that that it completely depends on your level of understanding with the question. If you understand the extended thinking question that explode so well and your have answer the first question then you will be very fortunate, if second question is based on the information that you got in the first question and let us say that there is one more case where you got some difficulty in the first part of the question that is first question is very difficult for you did not answered it. Then your life can be so, so difficult if the same piece of information is being used in the second question. So extended thinking questions are completely your concentration based nearly so consider an external thinking questions because two questions will be based on the same text blurb are data that is given now. Moving on, let's go with acquaintance. I've been getting some pics of some questions from students let me just answer the first. One of the first is question is what are the changes in redesign SAT math. Major changes are these first change is number of answer choices have changed from 5 to 4. Previously, we used to have 5 answer choices. Now we do have only four answer choices. Is this a borderline? Yes, for sure if you're going to guess then your possibility of getting the question right on the old SAT was 20% , but now your possibilities getting the question right it has increased 25%,  So this is a boom sometimes. Now the other changes that is there is this is me very important to the students there is no negative marking in the new SAT (redesigner SAT) because let's say that you're marking something on the Old SAT, then you are penalized for it. You will penalized for wrong answer that you get, but in the Re- designed SAT no penalty for wrong answers that you give. Its very fun. If you get it right then you will be given mark and if you are not getting it right that’s okay. You can leave it.  These are the major changes in resigned SAT. Now, coming to the redesign SAT Math section, important thing is you're  given with the calculator just like in the old SAT, but on this Re-design the SAT yet given with Non-calculator sectional even, that is there is some part of test where you can’t use the calculator at all.  That is a problem because in the previous case you can use calculator and all of all the questions but here you're given a specification that in this section you need to use that is you can use calculator and then this section you can’t  use a calculator at all. One more change in math section is something like you’re introduced with extended thinking questions that is at X blurb or some information the be given and two questions or three questions that is multiple questions can he ask on the same piece of information that is given these are the extended thinking questions that are introduced in redesigning SAT Math and one more thing you're introduced with some advanced topics that is additional topics of Math like Trigonometry. In old SAT we did not have trigonometry but in redesigning SAT Math that you do have Trigonometry introduce, so that is one thing that you have. Now Is this a boom to us? Anyway you can't escape the situation. It is already fixed, so for sure you need to accept these changes. Now which SAT was simple now old one or new one? You’re now tackling with new one so only think about the new one. Obviously, the new and his little conceptual, but old one it was completely like oh you're just solving  the questions, but new SAT is little conceptual for you. Now, coming to your question that the Tuff  or tricky? Is they are not tuff, they are only tricky. This like the questions that we saw just before we have a lot of information in the question but still we might not be using that entire piece of information that is given in the question. You need to extract the right pieces of information that you need. That is the most tricky part that you have in your Re- design SAT. So the next query that I get from students is should I take SAT or ACT? SAT or ACT you can take both because colleges accept both the exams equally important. They consider equally both the exams equally important and there is no specification that you need to take only SAT or ACT, but coming to my personal suggestion. It is better to take ACT when compare to redesign SAT. Why is that is because if you're taking a ACT. It is an old exam. You know that acceptance of colleges. You know everything. So it is always good to take the exam that you’re aware of, then compare to the new thing that you have. So ACT being an old exam you know the acceptance of colleges with ACT scores but SAT is redesign very recently. So you're not aware of the acceptance completely. So my suggestion is you can take ACT because the level of acceptance is same for the universities. But still it's completely your wish, you can go with Re-designed SAT even, because everything comes old.  Aracity has already held, so now you can be either SAT or ACT. Difference between ACT and SAT  is both don't have negative marking but the topics are almost the same.  ACT has little short questions there are no lengthy questions on ACT generally and also one more thing with ACT. Difference with a SAT and ACT is you have 5 answer choices ACT and 4 answer choices in SAT. So you can just take one practice tests on a ACT and you can take one practice test on SAT and based on your score and  your comfortability with the test. You can decide either SAT or ACT to be taken. That’s completely fine. Now, coming to the next query from  students. A student new SAT multiple times, from  2-3 times. Should he give a try once again? Do college look down your application if SAT giving a city is given multiple times. First thing is, college doesn't consider about the multiple times or your multiple attempts of your test. That’s okay. It's you, who are taking the test. so if you have so much of patience to take it multiple time. That's fine, but we generally don't suggest students to take test multiple times. Do your best in your first or second go. If you're not getting it, then take time, take more time preparing it and then go for the test and once you've taken the test already for three times and if you confusion whether to give it a try or no. Don't give up. Take it a try, prepared well, take the test once again to aim for a good score and your college doesn't look down that you taken the test multiple times. It's only something like you ace it in the first time so you're going it, going for it in the next go. Now moving on the next question is “What is the Good SAT score?” Okay, come to this question look there's nothing like good and bad first because it depends upon the university that you're aiming yet. With any SAT score you can get some university that is there. So what is the good SAT score is? We can see that 700+ is a good score in SAT Math. Now, Is this a very good score? No. If you are aiming for very good universities, then you're good score also increases. Now, continuity with any universities if I get a 650 maam? You can. You can get a good score. You can get some University but good score completely depends upon the university that you are aiming at.  Some university asked for 700+. Some university gives you an admission for 650+. It also depends on your profile how your extracurricular activities and everything that is performed. So aim for 700+ in SAT Math atleast. it's a good score to aim with. Now I hope I have handled all the queries. Anymore queries from students side. Let me make you look at one written question. So that you can be comfortable with that questions. Now the thing is you don't have any answer choices on this question. You need to griden the answers in the box or in space that is provided. Now let's try to look at it. You are given with a table that there are three people Rick, Shane and Darryl. They work at a widget factory and table about shows the number of hours that they spent at each factory on a given day. Number of widgets that they produced and number of 15-minute breaks that they took while they work at factory is given. Rick is producing 28 widgets working for 4 hours taking 2 breaks.  Now each man is working at the constant rate like that Darren and Shane also working and it is given that Rick and Shane are each assign with equal number of widgets. So Darryl doesn't come into play. Neither will take breaks in order to complete the assignment as quickly as possible that is then work at the constant rate they were working with initially. Rick offers to do certain percentage of change assignment so that both of them will finish at the same time. So we know that Shane is working little slowly so that Rick will share some part of this assignment that both of them  finish the assignment at a same time. What part of Shane’s original assignment does Rick do? This is the question. Now we can go with the rates of Rick and Shane first. Now this 4 hours  is ours and this two is 15-minute break. So let me down with convert everything into 15 minutes turns to 15 minutes. So this will be 4 times of it's a there are four 15 minutes in 1 hour that would be (4x4) that is 16. So here you'll be having four 15 minutes again in 1 hour, so that will be twenty, 15 minute things that you have that that they're working at. Totally they're working hours is for 16 15 minutes and two 15-minute breaks that they're taking totally there are 18 parts and here there are the 22 parts that they're working with it. So rate this is total time and now let's go with rate. You know that rate is nothing but the amount of work is divided by total amount of time they take. So that would be 28/18 and this will be 27/22. Now you have something like that they are given with some initial piece of work and do you know the amount of work, that they are given with initially.  Let me assign some work to them initially to be something. So now if “x” work is given to them amount of work that Rick does, what would be x divided by amount of  time that Rick takes is to do this work. Would be x/28/18. Which is nothing but 18x/28. This is for Rick. So for Shane, it would be x/ 27/22. Which is 22x/27. It is given that Rick offers to do certain part of Shane’s assignments. So Shane is working slowly. So amount of time that Shane takes is something more than amount of time that Rick takes. So amount of time that Shane has spent would be individually would be 18x/28. So now let’s decide, how much amount of work is done in this time? In this time Shane would be able to do “work = Rate x Time”.  So Shane’s rate is (27/22 * 18x/28). Leave it like that, this is the amount of work that Shane has done. Now, amount of work that is left is going to be X minus this thing that you have (18x /27) times (27/22), which will be you can use you calculator to simplify it. Yeah that is going to be 0.211. Now I want the percentage of 0.211x. I want to the percentage of Shane’s original assignment that Rick does. So this 0.211is the amount of work that is remains.  So now what you will do is that you will just share this among both of them. Rick and Shane together will do this work. So their rates would be added. Yes, so this 0.211x is the amount of work that is remain for now. This is the amount of work that has to be done. Now rate is going to be the combined rate. Two people are going together, whenever they're going together. They speed’s would be added.The same way here, two people working together so their rates should be added. So that is going to be 28/18 is the rate of Rick and 27/22 we do is rate of Shane. Both of them would be added (27/ 22). So now I wanted to add them up and give me an answer. You do have your calculator so you can use your calculator to add them up. So you'll be getting some 2.7282828 and so on. You can end it up by rounding it of  as 2.783. Now have work that is to be done and you have the rate, so you can calculate the time taken, so work is nothing but the (Rate*Time). Time is nothing but work / rate. So that will be 0.211x/2.783 which is going to be yeah that'd be 0.0758x . So now in this amount of time what is the work that is done by individual person is your question?  Percentage of Shane’s original assignment that Rick do. No, we want the work that is done by Rick so, try to calculate the work that is done by Rick in that particular time. So what that'll be the Rate of Rick i.e: 28/18 times the time that is taken. So that will be 28/18 times 0.0758x. This is the amount of work is done by Rick divided by the total work that is assign to James is x times 100. So again you can use your calculator to work out on this question. So that will be 11.7911 and so on. So now let's try to mark this answer in the space that is provided. You are very clear  idea that this is the percentage. So you need to mark 11.79111 and so on in the griden. So your griden will look something like this and you need to mark your answer in this griden that is provided. your answers 11.7 9111and so on it goes. Let me check how many boxes are there. You do have four boxes here and you need to start marking the for sure if you need to accommodate all the digits you need to start from the leftmost. So start marking. So it is 11 point you have only one thing left and  it is 79 and so on. So you can have to be 11.8 round it up and mark it off. Let us say that you don't want around off and mark. So you can just mark 11.7 even. Even then you'll be given with mark. So not only marking up but you need to shade the thing even. It is 11 so 11 decimal point and then eight should be shaded and make sure that your shading it out completely. No gaps are left and you are shading it out completely. Not this way half way. You need to shade it out completely. This is all about griden questions. Okay I think I have introduce you to all the question that are there in SAT. Great, so that is all for today.



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