College interview is a big deal. It is your one chance to make an impression. Anything that goes wrong in your interview can affect your college admission. It can bar you from ever entering your dream college. All questions need to be carefully understood. All answers need to be consciously conveyed. There is no scope for error. Oh god! All this is too much pressure. OR, so you think!

Yes, college interview is important. No, it is not a life and death question.

There are ways to handle an interview that is not stressful for you. In this article we will look into some really cool tips that will help you handle your college interview with ease. These tips will help you get comfortable with the thought of the college interview. Further, they will help you walk in and out of your interview like a breeze.

Be informed

It is of supreme importance that you are well informed about the college you are planning to go to. Information of all kinds is equally important too. SAT scores applicable to the college, professors, infrastructure facilities, sports, alumni support, student life and so on. It is not difficult to find information too. Social media feeds give you a lot of information that will help you understand various slices of a student’s life in your favorite college. Plus all this information helps you learn about the college. This information is handy when you are asked questions about why you are choosing a particular college.

Be Prepared

Most interviews start with questions called the ‘ice breakers’. These questions are aimed at making you comfortable in the interview. You see, the interviewer is really not looking at eliminating you from the selection process. He/she is using the interview to identify good candidates. So the ice breaker questions typically revolve around ‘tell us about yourself’. It is important to be prepared with a couple of answer for this question instead of reciting your life from birth kind of a story. While preparing your answers to such questions, it is important to factor in points that will help the interviewer understand the choice of college and how you fit in.

Be Yourself

One of the best and most important tips for any interview is to be yourself. This way you don’t have the pressure of putting up a show. Be your natural self. This will help you answer any question that comes your way in the most natural manner. You don’t have to carry the burden of impressing the interviewer.

Be Curious

You will be faced with situations where you can ask questions to your interviewers. This is your chance to get to know more about the college. This is also your chance to know things that are not general public information. Be curious enough to ask the right questions. Naturally it is expected that you will do your bit of homework to know what makes a good question. I mean, there is no point asking about the minimum SAT score needed to get into the college you are interviewing for.

Be Specific

Would you like to face questions that are confusing or unclear? Obviously no! Same thing applies to the interviewer too. He/she would like to hear clear, concise and specific answers to the questions being asked. It is important to be specific in your answers. This will help you convey what you have in your mind in the right manner. To be specific you need clarity of thought. This will come to you when you actually take the time out to understand your choice of colleges vis a vis your education and career plans. Do this exercise long before you are due for your college interview.

Be Watchful

Many times college interviews are done by alumni who are busy working professionals. They do not have the time for long interviews. These interviews are mostly on phone. They want to assess you as quick as possible and get going with their life. Be watchful of the time you are taking to answer their questions. A long pause on a phone call can be construed as a lack of knowledge. It is good to prepare yourself for phone interviews with a couple of mock interviews. Take the help of a friend or a senior at school to get you going.

Be Grateful

Every interview helps you learn something about yourself. It could be your first interview or the 100th. It still helps you learn a bit about yourself. Remember to be grateful to the interviewer and send a thank you note if you learnt something in the process of the interview. This is not a PR tip. Do this if and only if you have truly learnt something. Your genuine intention will come across in your thank you note. There is no need to fake it if there is nothing to be grateful for.




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