10 reasons to take the SAT Mock Test NOW!

10 reasons to take the SAT Mock Test NOW!

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe"- Abraham Lincoln

This famous quote by Abraham Lincoln indicates how important preparation is for achieving success. But, success also depends on type kind of preparation one does.

When it comes to the SAT test, taking up Mock Tests is the single most important preparatory task. Anyone who aced this test will surely credit their success to taking up Mock Tests.

The mock test is a way one can self-assess themselves and know their strengths and weaknesses. Once you’re aware of them, the ball’s in your court. It only takes a little push to get to your destination.

SAT Exam why?

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How do Mock Tests help?

1. Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

All of us might have a certain idea about what we are good at and what we are not good at. But, our subjective perception need not necessarily match the reality. This is where Mock Tests can play a key role in our preparation. These tests objectively specify the areas we need to improve upon. 

Sometimes, students keep working on sections that they have already mastered at the cost of ignoring their weak areas. This tendency stems from the need to feel good. While practicing strong areas boosts our morale, it is only through addressing the greys in our learning that one can see an improvement in the SAT score. 


2. Generate Constant Feedback about the Preparation

SAT requires you to put in certain number of hours to study. But that doesn't mean hard work automatically improves your score. For that, you need to work in a smart way. 

But, what is smart work?

Smart work involves constantly analysing the gaps in learning and working to fill those gaps. Suppose a student notices that her score in Reading Section is much lower than in the other sections. Instead of setting aside few hours every day for reading the passages, an analysis of what kind of passages is she having trouble with and what kind of questions is she getting wrong gives her a clear idea of where she needs to direct her time and energy. 

Studying this way brings results faster rather than vaguely practicing a section without knowing what to focus on. Mock Tests help the student with this micro-level analysis. Also, through these tests, he/she can track the changes/ improvements and adjust the study plan accordingly. 

3. Getting used to the Duration

SAT is for a duration of 3 hours without including the optional essay or breaks. Adding the essay makes it 3 hours and 50 minutes. For a majority of the students, sitting down and focussing on a task for this long stretch becomes challenging. Most students complain that their mind starts wandering by the time they reach the middle of the test. 

SAT turns out to be brutal towards those with low attention span.

But if a student attempts a few Mock Tests beforehand, he/ she can develop strategies to maintain the required attention level for the entire duration of the SAT test. In short, once you get used to the drill, it becomes a cakewalk. 

4. Helps in Spacing out Learning

Learning is usually not a one-time event. It is difficult to learn various skills required for the SAT test in one go. Moreover, it is unlikely to fetch great results all of a sudden. Hence, the better approach for SAT is to space out learning over a period of time. 

Mock Tests can be used as tools to schedule learning this way. Apart from full-length tests, sectional tests could be used by the students to master the skill required for that section. 

5. Helps in Learning Better

One sure way to build a skill is to apply it. Between an hour of studying and an hour of practicing a test, greater learning happens through testing oneself. 

For instance, rather than spending time on studying about speed reading strategies, it makes much more sense to apply those strategies in a real test scenario. Theoretically knowing something doesn't mean we become capable of practically applying those skills. It requires practice to do so.

6. Seeking Help When Needed

Apart from pointing out learning gaps, Mock Tests also allow students to take help when needed before it is too late. Mock tests can help students build a positive attitude towards taking feedback which in turn can lead to a better score in the SAT exam. 

Further, reaching out to an expert will allow the student to save time and energy to understand how one can fill the learning gap.

7. Handle the Nerves

Let's face it. Most of us suffer from exam jitters. Mistakes related to stress, anxiety, and frustration are quite common on the SAT. Combined with the stress of time, nerves can make students make sloppy mistakes leading to a poor performance. 

So, how does one learn to handle the pressure? 

As with everything in life, you do it through time and practice. Learning stress management under exam conditions is the single most important reason to take Mock Tests. 

8. Learn Time Management

SAT sections are timed. Hence, timing and pacing are as important to SAT as having the skill to solve a particular question. Not being able to complete the sections on time is one of the most common complaints from SAT test takers. 

Mock Tests allow the student to measure how much time he/she is spending on each question as well as how many questions he/she is able to attempt in each of the SAT sections. Analysing these aspects and developing strategies to address them builds the speed required to finish the sections.

9. Getting into the Mental Zone 

SAT is not similar to our academic tests. The approach, strategy, and outlook needed for the exam are different. It requires a certain level of focus, time management, and stress management skills. 

Replicating the test-taking environment will allow the students understand the nuances of the SAT. This, in turn, helps them get into a zone which brings out the best results. 

10. Building a Test Strategy

Having a test strategy is crucial to acing the SAT. There is no dearth of tips and tricks given by tutors or fellow SAT aspirants on how to achieve your dream score. Because, what works for one might not really work for everyone. 

For example, some students do the best in reading a passage first and then answering the questions. For others, it helps to read the questions first and then look at the passage. This is where Mock Tests can help out as they allow students to revise various strategies and zero in on the one that works best for them. 

Building a test strategy for SAT

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In all, are you serious about the SAT exam? If yes, take the Mock Tests.

College Board Mock Tests:

The best of the lot are the Mock Tests released by the College Board. There are 8 of them in total. These tests get as close to the Actual SAT test. 

Fabmarks Free Mock Tests:

Fabmarks provides 6 full-length Mock Tests. These tests not only resemble the real SAT but also come with detailed explanations for the answers. 

And, what's more? They are absolutely free!

Mock Tests are an integral part of the SAT preparation. Make sure you don't miss out!