Top 3 SAT Prep Books to Buy in 2018

Top 3 SAT Prep Books to Buy in 2018

Are you gearing up for the SAT? You could benefit from some of the best test-taking tips here. Apart from the regular SAT preparation, every test-taker needs to consult various resources to crack the Test. There are ample resources available in the market to gear up for the SAT. Good prep books provide high-quality practice questions, detailed explanations about complex topics, simulated practice exercises after each chapter. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best SAT prep books available which can cater to every aspirant’s individual needs.

Here we bring to you the 3 best SAT Prep books to gear up for the SAT:

1. The Official SAT Study Guide(College Board): Best Practice Tests

The Official SAT Study Guide (College Board)

The Official SAT Study Guide is written by the real authors of the main SAT. It includes of practice questions which are pretty close to the ones you might encounter on the Test day. This detailed guide is compiled by the College Board. It is a step-by-step guide to the Test and includes of eight complete SAT practice tests with detailed answers and explanations. It also throws light on sample essays and provides on how to attempt the optional essay question during the exam.

As part of your SAT preparation, the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide is the right choice for you if you’ve opted for the free resources from Khan Academy. This book includes content references to certain Khan Academy sections which can aid in improving your shortcomings efficiently.

2. Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 2018: Best Test Strategies

Kaplan's SAT Prep Plus 2018

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 2018 administers a detailed and exhaustive guide to the SAT. It includes of test strategies like deep-dive analysis of each SAT-type question, in-depth methods of answering the difficult questions. This book offers you an easy-to-adopt approach to master the Test. It holds ample opportunities for practice questions typically over 1,400 in number. This guide also provides a multimedia guide which has online practice tests which are accompanied with detailed answer explanations. This SAT guide is certainly a very good resource to prepare for the main Test as it has a combination of both textual and online practice questions to master the critical areas of SAT.

3. The Tutorverse’s The New SAT: 1,500+ Practice Questions: Best Practice Questions

The Tutorverse's The New SAT 1500+ practice questions

The Tutorverse’s The New SAT 1,500+ Practice Questions is a Test guide which offers the best practice questions in its kitty. As its name suggests, it has over 1,500 practice questions which can greatly help you to get an in-depth understanding of SAT-type questions. You have a voluminous set of practice questions accompanied with detailed answer explanations and deeper analysis of relevant topics to help you assess your strengths and work on areas which need improvement. This book consists of sample essay questions, grammar review, and a full-length practice test. The practices questions in this book are considerably tough which boosts your power to exactly measure your capability and performance in terms of your SAT prep progress.


Gearing up for the SAT ain’t that simple as it sounds. You definitely need sufficient amount of hard work, determination and practice to come out in flying colors. The main key to success is practice high-quality questions to equip yourself with the best test-taking strategies and excel the SAT. Look no further, get these books and kickstart your SAT prep right away.

Good Luck!