Top 5 Strategies to boost your SAT score

Top 5 Strategies to boost your SAT score

As an SAT aspirant, there are multiple ways to gear up for the assessment test. You first need to figure out the structure and composition of the test. You can start preparing in accordance with the set format as well as buck up your content knowledge before taking the final test.

For instance, if you have done your necessary preparation and ready to take up the SAT, go ahead and appear the test and wait until your scores are declared. If your scores are not up to the mark, remember there is always a room for improvement, don’t give up. It is a common trend observed among students that many of them opt to take the SAT more than once. Likewise, try taking the test again, this will definitely improve your scores and boost your confidence at the same time.

If you’re looking forward to scoring good grades in the SAT, this post is meant for you. Let’s explore some of the key strategies to improve your SAT score

  • Investigate what didn’t work

    Soon after you’re done with your first attempt in the SAT, jot down which questions were tough to answer and were harder than you anticipated. Try contemplating which are the areas which didn’t go well, so this can guide you to prepare your future study plans accordingly. Don’t panic. It’s okay if you missed answering all the questions of the test, it’s never too late to start afresh. Set aside some time to focus on areas which you missed and how best you can master them in the next attempt. At the same time, keep track of the sections of the test which you found easy to answer. A thorough investigation should give me a fair idea about your plus points and sections which need special attention.

  • Evaluate your mistakes

    Apart from considering the areas which need improvement, try to figure out the errors you’re most susceptible to. The best way to identify this is by taking up a mock test and thereafter evaluating the results carefully. If you score well on the practice tests, this implies that you’re doing well but your anxiety is ruining the entire test. Just in case you’ve not fared well in the test, the good news here is that you have ample scope for improvement in areas which didn’t work. Avoid making silly mistakes or last-minute rush to complete the test. Once you have conquered your mistakes, you are in a comfortable position to tackle the test situation and can aim for a good SAT score. 

  • Aim for a target score

    Setting a target score helps you to consider which are the areas which require more focus and effort. You need to sweat it out what works best for you. But remember without putting in hard work, you cannot expect to improve. Devise a proper study plan and be realistic in your approach while aiming for a target score. Consider making a list of schools where you wish to apply. Take into account what is the score range of students already admitted to these schools and plan accordingly. A college search tool is provided by the College Board website called BigFuture which filters test scores and options to help you funnel down your search.

  • Explore an assortment of study materials

    While preparing for the SAT, there are heaps of study materials available across the internet and book libraries. Try to explore some high-quality materials to gear up for the test. Analyze and use the illustrations explained in these texts to grasp your hold on a particular subject. Refer some practical exercises and examples in study guides published by experts to get a heck of certain industry insights. You should be thoroughly aware of the test format and assess your content knowledge to taste success in the SAT. Additionally, download the Official SAT Study Guide from College Board for your ready reference.

  • Practice is the key

    Finally, practice is the ultimate key to upskill yourself for the SAT. Preparing for the SAT is a test in itself. It requires a lot of practice, and will-power to score good grades in this test. Go for the mock tests which are infallible and give you a  better understanding of the test and lets you devise test-taking strategies before you hit the main SAT arena. Undergoing such timed simulated tests can definitely highlight your strengths and shortcomings of the different sections and prepares you for the best. 

On a concluding note, please remember that you have the talent to excel in the SAT. All you need is practice, perseverance, and determination to capitalize your skills in the right context.  Just brush up your skills here and there before your final test. Set aside your anxiety, take a deep breath and go for the SAT in a composed manner.

You have it in you. You just need to identify it!