Top Tips to Ace the ACT

Top Tips to Ace the ACT

Are you one of those who wishes to take up the ACT and excel it? If so, there are ample opportunities to gear up for this college admissions test. You would need to select from a wide range of options like books, references, courses, mobile apps, practice questions, study materials, etc. Taking assistance from some or any of these resources is a bare minimum requirement for you and mostly require months of hard work and determination.

In this blog, we offer you the simplest and best of choices to make while you brace yourself for the ACT. Let’s narrow down on some of the choices which will aid your ACT prep needs.

Buy an ACT Book

This is probably one of the most reasonable ways to prepare for the ACT. You just need to shell out a couple of dollars to purchase a book or reference material. Although there is no money-back guarantee here, rest assured you have a hard copy of a study material to go ahead with your ACT prep. Ideally, books are still one of the most trusted resources to buck up your preparation. You can read and practice some of the best practice exercises from the latest books available in the market which can give you a good hint about the questions which you’re likely to encounter on the Test day.

Choose an ACT Course

Selecting an ACT test prep course is one of the best ways to brace up for the ACT. There are a huge variety of courses available in the market, ranging from free to the ones which charge some amount for the course. For instance, Fabmarks, a free resource site offers ACT courses at no additional cost. It gives you an opportunity to learn from the free resources, offers ACT practice tests and strategies to increase your ACT score. You can either go for instructor-led training or even opt for watching online videos, blogs to upskill and measure your capabilities and performance before taking up the ACT exam.

Pick a Tutor

To prepare for the ACT, you need a mentor apart from a book, resource or even a course or app. Your ACT prep promenade becomes easier to trod if there is a guide/tutor to motivate and stimulate your interest in the Test prep. He/She would give you a direction towards your learning experience and encourage you to be proactive and more focused on your preparation. Therefore, choose a tutor wisely who can teach your few tips and tricks to master the ACT and be your guide throughout your ACT prep journey.

Download a Mobile ACT App and Practice

With the emergence of technology, there has been an increasing demand for mobile apps across various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Smartphones running on any of these operating systems offer to download quality mobile apps which are easily accessible to the end users. The ACT is no exception here as you can download different ACT apps and use the wide variety of benefits they offer. Such apps provide you a customizable and tailored mode of learning at the tip of your fingers. You can practice questions from the app which could aid your overall ACT prep process. Such apps also help you to stay up-to-date about the latest edits/updates in the ACT curriculum and offer you immediate feedback in case of any queries. 


In this post, we have illustrated some of the best tips to ace the ACT. Always keep an effective yet simple approach to prepare for the ACT. Do not stress yourself too much. Plan accordingly. Select the best possible options to judge your strengths and overcome your weaknesses through due diligence and practice. Remember, nobody other than you knows, which is the best fit for your ACT prep journey. 

Choose right and ACT wisely!