The SAT score is a key metric that will majorly influence your choice of college. Everyone knows this. There’s nothing new about it. But, did you know that the test day or the day you take your SAT influences your SAT score? Now, that’s a new thing.

No, it has got nothing to do with numerology or auspicious days.

Yes, it has got a lot to do with timing the date well in the scheme of various things in your life at that point of time.

Even before we delve into the various factors you should consider for choosing your SAT test day, let’s look at the dates College Board has given for SAT tests. If you are not from the USA and fall in the category of international student, the very first thing to know is that the test date schedule is the same for both. Do check out this link on the
College Board website for International Students taking the SAT.

As a quick reference, the following are the SAT test dates left for 2016-2017. The College Board has also given the dates for 2018 through 2020. You might be interested to check this out, if you are one of those extreme early planners!

sat test dates

The August SAT is a new addition to the test dates from College Board. There is no precedence to it. Will this date matter to you? Well, let’s look into this date and all other dates vis a vis your college admission aspirations.

There are various factors that will influence your choice of SAT test day. We have you covered for some really important factors that are part and parcel of your life. Naturally, they have a bearing on choosing the test day. Read on!

One month prep time

If you notice the registration deadlines for the SAT dates, there is typically a month. This is a decent amount of time to gear up your prep and nail the score you want. Factoring in this one month prep time in your date planning is important. Choose a date for your SAT which falls right after an intensive one month prep based on your school calendar.

School application deadlines

You are taking the SAT for a reason. To get into a college that will play its part in fulfilling your destiny. Well, it’s a heavy statement but true in its own way. After all, you are not taking SAT as a casual intellect check. Find out the application deadlines for your dream list of colleges. Be doubly sure about these dates. Why? Because you need to give your SAT much before that to have your scores in hand to apply. Plus, you need to know by what date you need to finish taking a retest on SAT if you ought to make it to your dream college.

Ivy League admission timelines

Are you one of those brilliant students who plans to and will make it to the Ivy League universities? Then you should plan your SAT test dates, any possible retests and getting your scores by November 1st for sure. Why so early, you ask? My dear friend, the Ivies take their regular decisions by 1st Jan and early decisions by 1st November. That’s why! October is your last best chance to take the SAT. However, if you are really serious about the Ivies, I suggest not to wait until October, instead, be done with your SAT much before.

Multiple SAT tests

Does your strategy to cracking the college of your choice involve multiple SAT tests? The very first one and may be a couple of re tests? Even though it may not be best strategy to have, if it gets the results you want, you still need to plan your SAT test dates. The same rules of one month prep time and fitting in the SAT prep with other things in your life holds true in this case too. But more importantly, study the admission criteria of your dream colleges. If they do not encourage multiple SAT scores, then, it might be a good idea to do more than taking the SAT multiple times in your life. On the contrary, if your list of colleges takes the best of your SAT scores, then there is no harm taking multiple SAT tests. You still need to prepare for each one afresh!

The newest addition to the SAT test dates has caused much discussion amongst students planning their SAT. Does it really impact your scores? Does it make any difference to your prep? Does it directly have a bearing on your admission? These are some questions that are regularly asked. Let’s see what the August test date is all about.

The August SAT Test Date

The College Board has introduced a new date in August for SAT from 2017 onwards. Going by the history of the SAT test dates, this August addition is going to stay for years to come. There is good news to this addition. September is when most students get busy with their school, friends, hobbies, sports and outings, the usual school life. This takes over your SAT prep time. Even if swear to the Universe that you will not allow such deviations, you really cannot help having a life!

The August SAT test date is a blessing for serious students who spend their summers prepping for the SAT. It will help use the prep to get a good score. Plus it will help the loss
of score that generally happens when regular school life kicks in.

Take the August SAT, if you have spent solid hours prepping for SAT in summers. Else, chill!

To sum up, the best date for you to take the SAT is not so and so day in a month. It is a date that suits your prep and fits the admission plan for your list of colleges. You are the best judge of when to take the SAT. Use the above mentioned pointers to make a wise choice.



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