SAT Preparation Webinar: How to get the perfect score in SAT

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This event is designed for students/participants who are just starting their SAT preparation. The hour-long program will focus on planning study strategies for the SAT exam. The presenter will share ideas and methods used by students who scored top in previous SAT exams. You can choose which method to go for as per your strengths.

Event Focus:

  • Introduction to the format of SAT exam
  • Section-wise break up of the SAT exam
  • Time-tested strategies for acing the SAT exam
  • Recommended study materials for SAT Reading & Writing
  • Formulae and FAQs in the SAT Math section
  • Frequently asked essay topics in the SAT
  • Tips and strategies from previous top scorers
  • Creating an effective study planner till the SAT Test Day

Event Format:

The online webinar uses Cisco WebEx/ GoToMeeting/ Zoom as the platform to organize the event. Once you register for the event, you will be sent a link to log in for the webinar at an appointed time. You will also receive timely reminders for the event through e-mail.

What can you do in the event?

The webinar platform allows students/participants to ask questions and clarify their doubts with the presenter. This gives you the opportunity to get expert opinion for all your doubts so that you have a clear idea of preparing well for the SAT exam.

What will you get in the webinar?

During the webinar, you will get to hear about the different concepts of English grammar. You will be provided tips and tricks to navigate through the English section. After the webinar, time will be allotted for questions and answers. You can also access a recorded video of the webinar a day after.

What do you require to attend this event?

  • A PC/Mac with a microphone and a set of speakers/headphones.
  • A stable internet connection with a speed of 512kbps or more.
  • A notepad and pen/pencil to take notes (Highly recommended)
  • A peaceful environment (the lesser the noise, the better)


Rajasuman Peddi

Rajasuman Peddi

Academic Head
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