SAT Live Classes - Regular

This is a regular course for the SAT, including the essay bit. Concepts are reviewed in-depth and are illustrated through practical problem solving applications.

SAT Live Classes - Regular
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(9 Days)

03:30 - 06:30 IST

Course Description

This is our full study package for the SAT; no previous knowledge on the SAT curriculum is assumed. We cover the entire SAT curriculum in 8 classes of 3 hours each. All classes are online and use Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom as the platform. Classes cover all topics of the curriculum with a 60:40 mix of concepts and problem solving. Classes also review techniques for fast and accurate problem solving.

This course includes 6 online simulated tests modeled on the real SAT. Each test comes with solution videos and score analytics. The tests also include an essay writing section with a model essay included in the solutions.

Course Components

The SAT Regular course includes:

  • 24 hours (8 sessions of 3 hours each) of classes on the SAT curriculum (conducted live, online).

  • All lectures are recorded and the recordings are available on the learning platform.

  • 6 simulated SATs, with solution videos for every question. Essay questions come with model essays as the evaluation reference.

  • 80+ recorded concept videos.

  • 500 practice SAT questions.


SAT Study Planner– Study planner helps you to approach your SAT study in a structured, methodical and scientific way; it makes your learning effective and stressfree. Each lesson is followed with a practice section to help you apply the knowledge gained in the lessons to SAT like questions, further consolidating your grasp on the concepts learnt.

This course is for:

Students (grades 9 to 12) who are either new to or have earlier scored below 800 in the SAT. This course goes in-depth to conceptual knowledge necessary for solving problems. An equal focus is on practical applications of the concepts in problem solving. The course also includes a full session on essay writing for the SAT. Students can expect a score increment of between 150 and 400 points as an outcome of this course.

Course Features

  • Live Classes 24 Hours
  • Class Recordings Available
  • Video Lessons 80+ Concepts
  • Full Length Tests 6
  • Practice Questions 500
  • Study Planner Available
  • Support Dedicate support

Math 1

Heart of Algebra

Linear Expressions, Equations, Inequalities in 1 & 2 variables – Forming, Interpreting, Solving.

Linear Functions & Graphs.

Wordy Questions & Linear Algebra.

Problem Solving & Data Analysis:

Ratio, Proportion, Percentage, Percentage Change, Rates – Distance/Speed/Time & Work/Time, Direct Variation, Inverse Variation, Units & Conversion, Probability, Counting Methods, Mean, Median & Mode

Math 2

Problem Solving & Data Analysis:

Scatterplots & Lines of best fit, Tables of Data and other charts & graphical representations of data, data collection methods.

Passport to Advanced Math:

Exponents & Roots, Quadratic Equations & Parabolas, Exponential Functions, Radical Expressions, Isolating Variables.


Additional Math Topics:

Basics of Trigonometry, Geometry, Complex Numbers (Imaginary Numbers).

RECAP of Concepts and Techniques and application on official College board’s practice test questions.



Information & Ideas:

Reading Closely, Command of Evidence, Understanding Relationships, Central Claims or Themes, Words in Context, Summarizing.



Analysing Point of View, Analysing Style & Tone Analysing Purpose, Analysing Text Structure, Analysing Arguments.


Analysing Dual Texts, Analysing Quantitative Information.



Expression of Ideas:

Development, Organisation, Effective use of Language.

Conventions of Standard English:



How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the ENROLL NOW button above. This will take you to a registration page where you'll need to complete your payment. You'll then receive an email from us with your access credentials to the course platform. You'll also receive class reminders and joining instructions/ links by email before each class.

Who are our instructors?

Our course instructors are 99 percentilers having a tutoring experience of 2000+ student hours individually. In addition to test scores, our instructors also undergo periodic teaching effectiveness evaluations. This ensures that we remain stern on following teaching's best practices and are able to ensure students' success.

What are the system requirements to attend this course?

An internet-enabled PC/ Mac with an HTML5 compatible browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended). You'll also need a set of speakers/ headphones and a microphone to take part in the online classes. Classes use Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom, and we suggest a 512 Kbps+ internet speed.

Can I interact with the teacher during classes?

Of course you can. The class software includes features to raise your hand to grab your teacher's attention. You can also ask questions via chat messages and use your microphone to discuss doubts. You can also send an email to with your doubts to get them resolved.

Help! I missed a class- what do I do now?

All classes get recorded, and you can review the recording(s) by logging in to your account.

When will I get my test results?

Immediately after you submit your answers on the test platform.

What kind of score analytics are available?

You'll get two sets of analytics on your performance. The first one analyzes your performance across curriculum's topic areas. The second reports on your performance across the test series.

How are my essays graded?

Essays are not graded - instead, you get model essays written by experts to compare with the ones you've written.

What is the Study Planner and how does it really work?

The Study Planner works backwards from your target test date to schedule your study time. It calculates a timetable for you to work on individual curriculum topics. We've also added the functionality to remind you of upcoming to-do items in the study plan.

  1. I like to review the recorded class every once in a while. Especially before taking a test.

  2. This course provides valuable professional development training for SAT test. It is well worth your investment..!

  3. The quality of the production was excellent. Instructor was well prepared and engaging. The course helped me beyond my expectations.

  4. This course helped illuminate so many concepts that I had previously forgotten. The instructor is an awesome teacher, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I definitely recommend this course to all.

  5. Every concept is explained in an incredibly clear way. This course was really fantastic, helped me tremendously.

  6. The way this course is structured is perfect for my learning style.

  7. For anybody that struggles heavily at math like I do, I totally recommend this!

  8. I really learned some useful strategies for the redesigned SAT reading. Hope I can get good grades with the help of this course. Thank You!

  9. Desta ella Jan 03, 2017

  10. Mary Louise Jan 03, 2017

    Good content and well structured.

  11. Mariam Lotte Mar 13, 2017

    Great course. Thanks.

  12. Malak Nina Jan 03, 2017

    It really has great tips to get a great Sat Score. Thank You.

  13. The Fabmarks study material was really helpful

  14. I had my doubts cleared very easily with Fabmarks

  15. E-learning platform made my life easy.

  16. Course curriculum is the best.

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