SAT Live Classes - Fast Track

A crash course for a quick increase in your SAT score. The concepts are briefly reviewed, and the focus is more on problem solving techniques. 15 hours of online classes, overall.

SAT Live Classes - Fast Track
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(5 Days)

05:30 - 08:30 IST

Course Description

The SAT Fast Track course goes for a short, intense review of key concepts for the SAT test. Classes are online and are delivered live by our instructors. Lectures involve a 20:80 mix of conceptual knowledge and hands-on problem solving. Math and Reading & Writing sections get covered in 5 sessions of 3 hours each. The classes additionally touch upon specific strategies to boost your score on the test day.

The SAT Fast Track course includes 6 online simulated tests modeled on the real SAT. Students need to take up the first test before attending lectures. This helps in understanding the key areas to focus on in the class lectures.

Course Components

The SAT Fast Track course includes:

  • 15 hours (5 sessions of 3 hours each) of classes on the SAT curriculum (conducted live, online).

  • All lectures are recorded and the recordings are available on the learning platform.

  • 6 simulated SATs, with solution videos for every question. Essay questions come with model essays as the evaluation reference.

  • 80+ recorded concept videos

  • 500 practice SAT questions.


SAT Study Planner – Study planner helps you to approach your SAT study in a structured, methodical and scientific way; it makes your learning effective and stressfree. Each lesson is followed with a practice section to help you apply the knowledge gained in the lessons to SAT like questions, further consolidating your grasp on the concepts learnt.

This course is for:

Students (grades 9 to 12) who already have some preparation for the SAT. This course does not go in-depth into concepts. It instead, focuses more on techniques and strategies to solve questions fast and accurately. Students who’ve taken up the SAT once and need a score boost can opt for this course as well. On an average, such students can expect a 160 – 300 point increase in their SAT scores through this course.

Course Features

  • Live Classes 15 Hours
  • Class Recordings Available
  • Video Lessons 80+ Concepts
  • Full Length Tests 6
  • Practice Questions 500
  • Study Planner Available
  • Support Dedicated support

Math Problem Solving (Part 1)

Covers Linear Equations, System of Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Proportions, Rates, Percentages, Scatter Plots, Statistics and Probability.

Heart of Algebra

Problem Solving & Data Analysis

Math Problem Solving (Part 2)

Covers Exponents, Functions, Quadratics, Imaginary Numbers, Geometry and Trigonometry.


Covers Command of Evidence, Reading Closely, Determining, Central Ideas & Themes, Summarizing, Understanding Relationships, Vocab-in-Context, Analyzing Text, and Analyzing Quantitative Information.

Writing & Essay

Covers Effective Language Use, Organization, Development, Conventions of Usage, Sentence Formation, Conventions of Punctuation, Shifts in Construction, and Essay Writing.


How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the ENROLL NOW button above. This will take you to a registration page where you'll need to complete your payment. You'll then receive an email from us with your access credentials to the course platform. You'll also receive class reminders and joining instructions/ links by email before each class.

Who are our instructors?

Our course instructors are 99 percentilers having a tutoring experience of 2000+ student hours individually. In addition to test scores, our instructors also undergo periodic teaching effectiveness evaluations. This ensures that we remain stern on using teaching's best practices and are able to ensure students' success.

What are the system requirements to attend this course?

An internet enabled PC/ Mac with an HTML5 compatible browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended). You'll also need a set of speakers/ head phones and a microphone to take part in the online classes. Classes use Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom, and we suggest a 512 Kbps+ internet speed.

Can I interact with the teacher during classes?

Of course you can. The class software includes features to raise your hand to grab your teacher's attention. You can also ask questions via chat messages and use your microphone to discuss doubts. You can also send an email to with your doubts to get them resolved.

Help! I missed a class - what do I do now?

All classes get recorded, and you can review the recording(s) by logging in to your account.

When will I get my test results?

Immediately after you submit your answers on the test platform.

What kind of score analytics are available?

You'll get two sets of analytics on your performance. The first one analyzes your performance across curriculum's topic areas. The second reports on your performance across the test series.

How are my essays graded?

Essays are not graded -. Instead, you get model essays written by experts to compare with the ones you've written.

What is the Study Planner and how does it really work?

The Study Planner works backwards from your target test date to schedule your study time. It calculates a timetable for you to work on individual curriculum topics. We've also added the functionality to remind you of upcoming to-do items in the study plan.

  1. Ina Amran Dec 15, 2016

    Just what I need. I’d already taken the October SAT, and this course helps me get on with problem solving techniques right away. That and the practice tests - I think I’ll do a lot better in my SAT this time round.

  2. Very good, fun classes by Raj (instructor). Got to learn some nifty solution techniques. I’m aiming for 1400+

  3. I like the reminders from Fabmarks. The study planner really works for me... helps plan my study time, even when I’ve got homework to do. I’m in 11th Grade, and this means a lot.

  4. Great way to broaden your math skills at all levels. Amazing video. Great and very in-depth.

  5. I really liked this course.

  6. It is way more interesting than other SAT courses I have taken, and just as helpful! I would definitely recommend.

  7. This is a really good approach to the SAT. It's my favorite course and I recommended it to all of my friends.

  8. Good audio, good content and well structured.

  9. This course is very informative and helps improve myself a lot. Thank You!

  10. Natalie Clare Dec 26, 2016

  11. Maria Williams Dec 30, 2016

  12. Ruth Willson Dec 30, 2016

  13. Jasmine Watson Dec 30, 2016

  14. The Fabmarks study material was really helpful

  15. I had my doubts cleared very easily with Fabmarks

  16. E-learning platform made my life easy.

  17. The analysis of practice tests in class helped me realise my mistakes and work on them. Thanks

  18. The techniques taught were highly useful

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